Crunchy korean fried chicken

Annyeonghaseyo! I start eating Korean food over a year ago. It started when one of my chingoo (friend) introduced me to korean drama. In the dramas, they always show all the food and look very delicious. Then one day while I was surfing youtube, Maangchi show pops infront of me. So I decided to check out her recipe and try it. Since then, I am a big fan of yours, Maangchi. It ‘s easy to get ingredients over here cause where I live there are two huge Korean supermarkets. So in this recipe, I fried the chicken like in your recipe. It’s no kidding, really crunchy even after the sauce is over it. But for the sauce, I substitute rice syrup with honey instead of brown sugar and rice syrup. I add chili flakes instead of the whole chili. The sauce still taste ok. Next time I”ll use rice syrup instead. I know my dakgangjeong will be a big hit in my next party! Thank you Maangchi for sharing your delicious and easy recipe. Now I make korean food at least once a week. I have previously made your tofu and crab stew and few more dishes. Hope to make more of your delicious food and keep sharing your recipe with us!

Kamsameda and annyeong!


The recipe for Dakgangjeong – Crunchy korean fried chicken is here!

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    Hi Carrie,
    Thank you for your nice message here! It’s fun to read your cute stories about how you got interested in Korean cooking and now you cook such delicious chicken!
    Good luck with your delicious life! : )

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