Vegan Doenjang Jjigae

You said once: “without Doenjang, you can’t think of Korean cuisine”. And that’s absolutely true! I even add a mixture of Doenjang, soup soy sauce and seaweed water (a substitute for fish sauce) when I make my own kimchi. And so with lots of Doenjang in my fridge, I just had to make this delicious stew. Instead of dried anchovies, I pre-boiled a broth of kelp and shiitake mushrooms. And instead of shrimp, I added vegan prawns (made of seitan). And it turned out so well! I don’t know why, but this stew together with kimchi is an awesome combination.

The recipe for Doenjang Jjigae (Korean fermented soybean paste stew: 된장찌개) is here!

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    You modified the recipe to your vegan taste and created awesome looking doenjang jjigae! It looks very delicious! Yes, kimchi and doenjang jjigae are good friends! : )

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