green tea mochi


Yesterday I had a craving for something sweet and chewy! : )  Making chapssaltteok (Korean style mochi) at home is easier and faster for me than going to a Korean bakery because I always have some sweet red beans in my freezer. Green color is from green tea powder! The recipe is here


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    I love these mochis. Made one of the mochi recipes on your list after I courageously and proudly passed making the Manju. I was so happy that all went well. The mochi rolled up exactly as you showed they should. They floated as they were supposed to, and they were delicious when fresh-love that soybean powder. However, the next day when I took them to work I thought I had mistakenly brought the golf balls… Mind you, this did NOT stop my coworkers from eating them away in record time! … and there’s something to be said for crunchy mochis…LOL One of my friends said I may have used the wrong kind of rice flour ) : Can you tell us what the properties are of the “correct” rice flour?

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