Seriously i really dunno how many batches of kimchi i made in the past but i know that the first batch of kimchi i made was also posted here for the first time.


(at first i was certainly doubting every ingredients that i made, LOL)

Right now when i made this kimchi you will see that i didn’t remove the core. But actually i was like thinking why should i remove the core. The whole cabbage is the main ingredient to this Kimchi. So i just left it alone until today, when you sliced it in half it loooks wonderful, mouth-watering & sooooO GOOOD(trust i already had a few bites or two)

What i did is cut it in half and left the other one like the one on the link above and the other half i rolled each leaf of the cabbage because when i eat kimchi i will still roll it. Just to lessen the burden while eating kimchi. I could just open the jar and pop one right in my mouth.

However, i couldn’t roll the smaller pieces so i just diced them up to make Kimchi fried rice whenever i am hungry.

I put them all back t0o the container to further ferment. i am happy and once again successfully made Kimchi. Even up to now i am still doubting my skills on making Kimchi but i know i love the process, the labor and flavor of Kimchi…

hoping to learn more korean recipes…
*i think i need the korean guy from the store i always buy ramyon to criticize my kimchi… hmmm
The recipe is here.


  1. motzmart New York City, New York joined 2/11 & has 11 comments

    thanx…. :) i think the two photos in picasa link makes you crave more and more….

    how can i post by the way multiple photos… one is just not enough..

  2. Maangchi New York City joined 8/08 & has 12,045 comments

    wow mouthwatering kimchi! Great!

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