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Vegetarian Tteokguk (rice cake soup), for a very special personal occasion, my boyfriend and I cooked this together. Instead of meat we used mushroom, sea weed , courgette, onion and dry anchovies for the broth. Side dishes are Kimchi, Gaji-namul (steamed and seasoned eggplant) and Kongjorim (Braise soybeans), all are Maangchi recipes. Also we were inspired by Maangchi and seasoned the onion we used for broth with some soy sauce, fish sauce and toasted sesame oil. It was yummmmmy Korean dinner.

The recipe for Tteokguk (rice cake soup: 떡국) is here!

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    It’s such a healthy and delicious meal. You used anchovy stock instead of meat! Actually many Koreans make rice cake soup with anchovy stock, too.

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