Bulgogi (Pork Version)

Our first attempt in cooking Korean food. Made this with my friend using your recipe for Bulgogi, we use pork because I do not eat beef. We reduce some sugar. We cook a portion of this in a Korean pan after season it for half a day. We find a bit too much sauce but the taste is great! The rest we freeze it for this weekend. We garnish with lemon to remove the smell of the pork. Also garnish with some sesame seeds. We will next try the Soondubu and vegetable pancake. We got the ingredients for Soondubu except korean fish sauce, managed to call a korean supermarket and they have the stock. Thank you Maangchi for all the recipes and really enjoy watching your cooking videos.
The recipe is here.

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    It looks great! Thank you for the description about how you modified the recipe. Yummy!

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