I really love wings, but due to food allergies I had to start making them at home. Once I saw Maangchi’s fried chicken and the sauce she made to coat the crunchy chicken, I knew it would be great on wings, so I adapted it to my limited resources.

I rub olive oil and salt on whole wings, and then after tucking the tips behind the drums I bake them on a cookie sheet until tender. Then I make the sauce. I chop garlic, and saute that in a bit of olive oil. Then I add ketchup, raw honey, a dash of vinegar and some sambal chili paste. I don’t like it too hot, but the sambal has just right heat for this. Once the wings are done, I spoon the sauce on one side, bake for a few more minutes, flip the wings and spoon the rest of the sauce and broil for about 3 minutes. To guild the lily, I add chopped green onion and cashews.

The recipe for Korean fried chicken (yangnyeom tongdak: 양념통닭) is here.

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    Thank you for sharing the healthy tip! The chicken looks very delicious, too!

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