Vegetarian outdoors Galbi

My boyfriend and I decided to have an outdoors BBQ today deep in the Swedish forest (and the same place as we enjoyed our Kimchi Hot Dogs last winter). We invited a friend, and grilled some vegetarian Galbi which we enjoyed together with some white fluffy rice, kimchi, sigeumchi-namul, sukjunamul-muchim, geomeun-kongjorim (I made all my banchans myself and made them vegan) and lettuce for wrapping.

I followed your recipe for the marinade, but instead of meat, I used something called oumph (a product in Sweden made if beans, water and salt). I marinated the filets one day ago, and today we grilled it and ate. We made our friend like spinach for the first time, thanks to the sigeumchi-namul!

And guess what? There is no proper summer without some delicious Korean BBQ!

The recipe for Galbi is here!

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    Thank you very much for sharing the tips on your vegetarian version!

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