juk pages

  1. Sis, it’s for you

  2. Beef and Vegetable porridge

  3. Beef and vegetable porridge

  4. Yachaejuk

  5. Beef and Vegetable Porridge!

  6. Beef and vegetable porridge (Soegogi-yachaejuk)

  7. Black Sesame Porrige with Cranberry Flower garnish

  8. a cup of heaven or hobakjuk?

  9. Black Sesame Porridge (Heukimjajuk)

  10. Very Soothing Korean Soup

  11. Heukimjajuk (Black sesame seeds porridge)

  12. Daijuk (Chicken and rice porridge)

  13. Hobakjuk (butternut squash porridge)

  14. Abalone Porridge

  15. Hobakjuk