Kimchi-sundubu-jjigae in an earthenware bowl (김치순두부찌개)

Finally found somewhere to get affordable earthenware bowls, and thought what better to break them in with than sundubu-jjigae? Made ojingeo-tonggui (spicy grilled squid) and rice as sides to go with!

(As a side note: Accidentally used gim instead of dasima in the anchovy broth, and it turned it purple! Taste wasn’t drastically different, but was surprised to see the color.)

The recipe for Kimchi-sundubu-jjigae (김치순두부찌개) is here!


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    Delicious homemade sundubu jjigae, rice bowls, spoons, chopsticks, and beer! I see happiness and excitement in this photo! Happy cooking! : )

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