Triangle gimbap with tuna

Samgak-gimbap 삼각김밥

Samgak-gimbap is a triangular shaped gimbap which is designed to keep the seaweed fresh by putting it between 2 thin sheets of plastic. So you can eat it hours later, and it will still be crispy. It was invented by a Japanese company. I think whoever thought of this was pretty clever!

To make this, you will have to buy seaweed (gim) that was made specially for samgak-gimbap. You should also get a mold for making the triangle shape, but if you can’t get one, watch the video to see how to do it without it, just using plastic wrap.

In my recipe I’m going to show you 2 kinds of filling: kimchi and tuna, but you can use your own favorite ingredients to make delicious fillings.


(for 3-4 servings, or 8-9 samgak-gimbap)

Ok, let’s start!


Prepare rice:

  1. Mix vinegar, white sugar, and kosher salt in a small bowl until the mixture looks clear.
  2. In a large bowl add the warm rice and pour the clear liquid over top. Mix it and let it cool down.

Make filling:

Make the tuna filling

  1. Open a can of tuna and squeeze out the water through a cheesecloth.
  2. In a heated pan, put 1 ts vegetable oil.
  3. Add garlic, tuna, soy sauce, and brown sugar into the pan and stir fry it for a few minutes.
  4. Turn the heat off and add 1 ts toasted sesame oil, 1 ts roasted sesame seeds, and black ground pepper.

Make the kimchi filling

  1. Chop the kimchi and put it in a small bowl.
  2. Add gochujang, 1 ts of toasted sesame oil, and 1 ts of roasted sesame seeds to the kimchi and mix it up.

Put the rice and filling in the mold:

  1. Fill ⅔ of the mold with cooked rice.
  2. Place your filling in the center, then top up the mold with rice, put on the lid, and press it down.

Wrap it up:

  1. Take out a piece of gim from the package. Don’t remove the plastic wrap, we need this! We’re going to wrap this sheet of gim with the plastic around your rice and fillings. The plastic will keep both rice and gim fresh until you are ready to eat the gimbap.
  2. Look for the numbers on the sheet. The numbers side of the sheet goes down, and #1 should be pointing away from you.
  3. Take the lid off your mold, and place the mold face down on the middle of your sheet, with the rice facing down. The tip of the triangle should be pointing away from you, towards #1. Let the rice packet gently slide out of the mold and land on the gim. Remove the mold.
  4. Fold the sheet over the rice, away from you and towards #1. Then fold up the sides. Keep the sides in place with the sticker that came with the gim.


  1. When you’re ready to eat it, look for #1 on the side of the packet. Pull that tab and the plastic will peel off.
  2. Gently remove #2 and then #3, putting the gim back into place each time.
  3. Take a bite. Crispy, isn’t it?

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  1. I purchased the mold and wrap from the (it takes a while for the site to load).

    Thank you Maangchi for such a super simple and great recipe!

  2. I’ve been desperate for some Samgakkimbap ever since I left South Korea (on a visit). I cannot find it anywhere here in Michigan, and I’m terrible in the kitchen, but I’ll ask my husband if he’ll make this for me. If I can find a recipe for Bi Bim Man Du, I will be in heaven. Gamsahamnida!

  3. thank you for the video.. i tried to make this before but it was a failure…. now i can try again.

  4. Hi.

    I watched your video and was really interested in your recipes. I went to a Korean grocery store here in Melbourne, Australia and bought so many things featured in your ingredients sections. I just made these samgak kimbab for my friends, using canned tuna in spicy chilli sauce and it turned out really good and the seaweed sheets amazes them haha… Thanks so much, your website is great! Dinner tonight will be korean too.. kimchi chigae and ddukbokki :)

  5. 삼각김밥 너무맛있어요! 감사~ ^^

  6. Jessica& has 2 comments

    Hi Maangchi,

    Hello from Sydney. I’ve been a big fan of your web. Luckily I live in Sydney where lots of Korean grocery in here.. Yay!

    For Maangchi’s fan in Sydney : I just bought this Kim wrapper (10 sheets) include with triangle mold this morning at one of Korean Grocery at Liverpool St in city for AU$5.10. I couldn’t find the same brand as Maangchi has in this web. Maybe we could find this in Strathfield (Korea town in Sydney).

    Can’t wait to make this for lunch tomorrow. Thank you so much for posting this

  7. Maangchi New York City joined 8/08 & has 12,045 comments

    Check this website. She made beautiful samgak kimbap without using triangle mold and plastic covered seaweed (kim)!

  8. Onigiri’s are very popular in my household. Since it is hard to get the molds here in America, I like to use cookie cutters and plastic wrap. It is much easier to find triangle cookie cutters than it is to find the molds. In addition, I have never seen the onigiri wrappers to purchase. So, we use seaweed sheets and wax paper. You can make an imitation wrapper easily and the seaweed won’t get soggy. Thanks for the video, I am going to make the kimchi one today!!

  9. I just scrolled through the comments and found where someone else posted an online source for the wrappers. Hooray! Can’t wait to order mine and make these. What a perfect little lunch food with no worries about silverware or any of the other messiness involved in portable meals.

    While I’m new to the convenient wrappers, I’ve made these with just the molds before and wanted to share with posters some other tasty fillings I’ve used with great success.

    My favorite is a tuna, mayo, and wasabi mixture. Just be sure and squeeze all the water out of the tuna like Maangchi shows you on the vid. Another variation is tuna with spicy Thai basil seasoning (seasoning can be found in Thai section of your Asian foodstore). If you can’t find it there, the Thai seasoned tuna that Starkist puts out is fairly good. Tuna with mayo and Sirracha sauce is nice too. Sort of ends up tasting like a spicy tuna roll. And lastly, I love stirfried pork belly with kimchi. Squeeze out the tuna before cooking and then, using a back of a fork or the back of a plate, squeeze the entire mixture out again after it’s done. I use kitchen shears to cut the finished pork and kimchi into small little pieces so it fits better and doesn’t pull the whole triangle apart while I eat it. Bulgogi also makes a good filler if squeezed dried too.

    Really, the possibilities are endless. When the wrappers come in, I’m going to try a bulgogi, spinach, and dak-kwang mixture with a dab of gochujang and see if I can get away a bibimbap sandwich. ;)

    A shout out to you, Maangchi. Love your site!

  10. Maangchi! I’m so glad to see that you an make these! You made my day!

    These are one of my favorite snacks while living here in Korea, and I’ve gone out of my way to stop at convenience stores just to buy these. I will be leaving Korea next month and I need to look for this kim in the grocery store. I’m going to ship a bunch of it home! I’ll have to get the rice mold too. I’ve seen them at Daiso but never knew what you would use them for. Now I know! Thank you so much!

    P.S. Is there anything Korean you are looking for that you can’t get in the States? Let me know and I’d be glad to send it to you!

    • Maangchi New York City joined 8/08 & has 12,045 comments

      That’s a very good idea of sending some Korean stuff before you leave there. Hot pepper flakes, kim, miyuk, dried squid strips, dried pollack…these items will be good for shipping because they are better quality and much cheaper. I’m ok, but thank you for your offer. very nice! : )

  11. Beginner Cook& has 1 comment

    I’m so delighted to have discovered this website! Thank you for doing this!! Especially for a beginner cook like myself, it’s so helpful to see the videos and not just read the recipes.

    I thought I’d share for your other readers that the special triangular mold & kim available for purchase online at hmart:

  12. I have been to four Korean stores and can’t find the kim! It’s so sad. I hope my sister in law can find some in Korea town when she goes in a few weeks…I really want these! :-)

  13. I made these today and they were delicious and very kid friendly!

    I have a receipe request but of course i don’t know the name. They are an appetizer/side dish sort of like fried little nests of shredded potatoes and either carrot or sweet potato. Sort of hash brown like but deep friend and with a little batter.

  14. Gabieolie& has 14 comments

    Hi Maangchi,

    My daughter and I made the triangle kimbap with star mold and heart mold. I wasn’t able to find triangle molds, so I bought whatever they had, star and heart molds:D We put smoked salmon with chopped onions and cappers (a little modification from the recipe), and it tasted delicious.

    From my daughter: Hi! :D

  15. I love your videos and especially enjoy watching you. I really want to make kimbap. Do you know of some place online that I can buy laver (seaweed, or kim) that was made specially for samgak kimbap? There are no Korean food stores where I live.

  16. I bought some kim that came with a mold a few months back.

    I didn’t know how to use plastic wrapped kim! I was so confused. Plus, I don’t like to get the kim wet! Thanks Maangchi, now I know how to use the sheets, and can try your delicious fillings! :)

  17. I made some multi-grain rice and got some traditional sushi nori and just rolled up the the multi-grain rice with sesame seeds and leftover leafy green vegetables. It was actually quite good and satisfy my cravings for your samgak kimbap. I didn’t bother to season the rice and it still tasted pretty good.

    I actually went to a Korean store today and they had the triangular mold, but not the seaweed wrap you use. Just the traditional sushi nori. So sad! Also, I took a look at their dried anchovies, and all of their dried anchovies are very small ones. Can you make the soybean sprout soup with the small dried anchovies? I was also surprised that they didn’t carry the soybean sprouts either and this is a Korean store. So all I purchased today was just the trangular mold and a bag of dried corn for corn tea. Do you make the corn tea? I love it. If you do, how do you make your corn tea?

    • Maangchi New York City joined 8/08 & has 12,045 comments

      I’m also sad and frustrated on behalf of you! Korean grocery store doesn’t sell kongnamul? (soybean sprouts), Strange! I know how you feel!

      Yes, you can use small dried anchovies in soybean sprout soup.

      Anyway, you still can make Joomeokbap: 주먹밥. I showed how to make this samgak kimbap without using the mold in the video, right? Use the method (plastic wrap) and make rice balls with the tuna filling, and roll them in sesame seeds or laver powder.

      How to make laver powder:
      Roast a sheet of laver (kim) directly on the stove top. Both sides of the laver should be roasted so that it can be crushed easily. Put the roasted laver into a plastic bag and crush

      Check my ddeokguk recipe:

  18. :) I (literally) went out the next day after seeing your video and bought a kimbap kit from Super-H near my home. The kit came w/ a mold and 10 wrappers (same brand as shown in your demonstration). I have enjoyed watching your videos and have gleaned some wonderful inspirations.



    • Maangchi New York City joined 8/08 & has 12,045 comments

      only 10 kim? (black seaweed wrapper)? I hope it was cheap. “I went out the next day after seeing your video and bought a kimbap kit ”
      haha, that’s what I’m doing all the time when I find a real good recipe.

      • Yep, only 10 kim (black seaweed wrapper) and one pink mold; it was $4.29. Super-H also sold wrappers sans mold; quantity 10 kim/package, approx. $3.50. Not a huge marginal difference, though we’re a two-person house hold (ok, 3 counting our baby aka the doggie).

        :) You should have seen the excitement when I handed a bag w/ the kit inside to my sweetheart. Moreso, his excitement this morning when the samgak kimbap were being prepared for his lunch to take to work.

        Thank you again for posting great recipes, fun loving videos and also detailed instructions!


      • Maangchi New York City joined 8/08 & has 12,045 comments

        “his excitement this morning when the samgak kimbap were being prepared for his lunch to take to work.”

        Awesome!. I feel you have a lot of love for your “sweetheart”

        • :) Your comment made smile!

          I was up in NYC over the 4th of July. I had mentioned to my sweetheart that you have get togethers and we should try one weekend to make it as his sister (and a friend of mine) live in the city.

          Have you heard of dukbaegi? I went to the SuperH and at one of the stands they had packaged heavy bowels (pottery like?) and inside veggies/meat/seafood w/ chili paste, soybean paste and another type of paste. The young gal (there was a communication gap) said to place all of the ingredients into a pot and add 2 cups of water. I will try and take a photo of the bowl w/ contents. (guess I should have just emailed you:))


      • I ordered mine in Korea – 100 kim for like 8 dollars!

  19. Thanks so much for your suggestions… I have “enough” now :D

    The rich bulgogi and mushrooms sound delicous, but I have yet to try pickled radish. I look forward to it!

  20. :(

    I can’t find these little wrappers anywhere. I tried our local Asian store, and they don’t have it. Neither does the one I visit in the next large town over. Do you know if anyone sells these online?

  21. These look delicious and are so inventive. Do you have any suggestions for other fillings? I can think of a few Japanese-style ones, but not enough!

    Thanks so much for all your work.

  22. Judy (LOS ANGELES)& has 1 comment


  23. If I make them the night before, will they still taste ok for the next day’s lunch? Should they be put in the refridgerator?

  24. I can’t wait to try making this!
    When I went hiking during my trip in Korea I loved taking kim-bap with me, and eating it at the top of the mountain – kind of like a reward. Samgak kimbap is also great for lunch-on-the-go because it’s so easy to transport and doesn’t spoil easily.

    Thanks for the recipe and in instructions – I’m off to the market now…..

  25. Oh, very nice recipe! I think I’ll buy the ingredients and try to do it myself, only it won’t be triangular, haha! Bye!

  26. Did you say you found these molds and kim wrappers in Toronto? I couldn’t find them at T&T. Where did you get yours?

  27. Hi:

    I’m in NYC, where can I buy these things! They’re so innovative!


  28. kristin& has 1 comment

    can i use another kind of vinegar?. i really loves your website,cause my husband is a korean, i try to make korean special food by my self, not only enjoy in restaurant. thank you from indonesia.

  29. I had no idea you could get the prepared seaweed in stores! How fantastic. I first had a Japanese version of this at the Amsterdam airport and couldn’t believe how well the packaging worked! The plastic keeps everything clean and peels away in the most ingenious manner! Leave it to the Japanese!

  30. Reinier Rotterdam, The Netherlands joined 2/09

    Great! Last week i happen to have the triangle shape wraps and mold in my hands, but i didn’t know how to work these, now i know and i can’t wait to try them soon.
    One question though, can you maybe use some water to stick the kim together so the kims don’t get undone when unwrapping?

    Great video again Maangchi!

  31. Sylvia joined 9/08 & has 78 comments

    Yay, so this is how you use a mold, I can’t wait to get one.
    Again and Again I say, thank you.

  32. WOW! I’m going to a Korean market tomorrow to buy the seaweed and trianglular mold. I can’t wait to try this. Thanks for showing us how to make this. It’s so easy and I know I will love it. Maangchi, I always look forward to watching your cooking videos.

  33. i loveeee what you make it’s absolutely delicious! I’m looking forward to more korean dishes that you are going to show us!

  34. O-N-I-G-I-R-I-:D my soul food, gotta try this version 4sure…thanks, maangchi, for posting it :8

  35. wow it’ll Great For Lunch Box I love Onigiris

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