Today I’m going to show you a very easy recipe, where you don’t even need any special Korean ingredients! It’s called Soegogi-beoseot-deopbap (쇠고기버섯덮밥), or beef and mushrooms stir-fried over rice. In Korean, deopbap dishes are “something on the rice” and it can be anything at all. In this recipe it’s beef and mushrooms, which is my family’s all-time favorite.

The key to this dish is the sauce, and in my recipe I use just a little bit of potato starch to make it just a little sticky, so when you put it over top of the rice with vegetables and beef it will be shiny and juicy looking. Be sure to serve this hot like I do in the video, bubbling hot so it’s easy to mix it with the rice.

If you use lean beef, you may have to add about 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil while stir-frying the beef to give it the juiciness we need. The only side dish you need for this is kimchi. Of course you can add more if you want to, but this soegogi-beoseot-deopbap with kimchi is just perfect for me.

Enjoy the recipe!


Serves 2

Vegetables and mushrooms

  • 3 dried shiitake mushrooms, soaked in cold water for several hours until soft, sliced thinly
  • 2 to 3 ounces enoki mushrooms (about ½ package), trim off the woody base of the stalks
  • 1 small carrot (about 2 ounces), cut it 2 inch long crosswise and slice thinly
  • 1 spicy green chili pepper (optional), chopped if using
  • 2 green onions, divide white and green. Cut white part into 2 inch long and chopped green part for garnish
  • 1 small onion (about 2 to 3 ounces), sliced thinly


  1. Combine the chicken broth and potato starch in a bowl and mix well. Set aside.
  2. Heat a large skillet over high heat. Drizzle 1 teaspoon of the sesame oil into the skillet and add the beef, garlic, kosher salt, and ground black pepper. Stir with a wooden spoon for about 2 minutes until 80 percent of the beef is cooked.Beef and mushrooms stir-fried over rice (Soegogi-beoseot-deopbap: 쇠고기버섯덮밥)
  3. Add mushrooms, onion, carrot, and green chili pepper (if using) and stir for about 2 minutes until the onion is semi-translucent.Beef and mushrooms stir-fried over rice (Soegogi-beoseot-deopbap: 쇠고기버섯덮밥)
  4. Stir in the oyster sauce and the chicken broth/potato starch mixture. Stir everything until it’s soft and smooth. Reduce the heat to low and let it simmer.Beef and mushrooms stir-fried over rice (Soegogi-beoseot-deopbap: 쇠고기버섯덮밥)
  5. Put the warm rice on a large platter, or divide your rice into 2 portions on 2 plates. Heat up the sauce over high heat until it’s bubbling and then it over top of the rice.Beef and mushrooms stir-fried over rice (Soegogi-beoseot-deopbap: 쇠고기버섯덮밥)
  6. Sprinkle with the chopped green onion, drizzle 1 teaspoon toasted sesame oil, and serve right away with kimchi.

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  1. freldici France joined 6/20 & has 33 comments

    hi Maangchi, my daughter could not stop laughing at your cat ears: well done!!!

  2. Buster2k07 Kansas City, MO joined 2/21 & has 2 comments

    I made this dish tonight. Everyone loved it, even my 3 year old! I added some broccoli but otherwise stayed with the theme of the recipe. Thanks for another delicious dish Maangchi!

    See full size image

  3. stonefly Olympia WA joined 11/11 & has 61 comments

    What a wonderful, one-pot dish! I can’ wait to try it. Your recipes make me hungry and I loved your little ears! Cute, so cute. Cuter than usual! Beautiful!

  4. Laner Oakland, Ca joined 5/19 & has 1 comment

    I made this last night and my husband raved about it saying: “Make this again-it is delicious.” I didn’t have carrots on hand and used zucchini instead. !I’m sure this would be good with just about any vegetable. Thank you for your wonderful recipes

  5. Cornelius B. Ecuador joined 12/17 & has 42 comments

    Hello Maangchi,

    I made Soegogi-beoseot-deopbap last week, and it turned out really deliciouss, as all your recipes that I´ve tried until now.

    Only added some Hoisin-Sauce to the broth, to give it some extra flavour, and this made it prefect. Also some extra veggie (Broccoli). You know: for the vitamins.

    As I can´t purchase Enoki in my home town, I had to replace them with normal mushrooms, but it worked out fine.

    See full size image

  6. sanne Munich joined 8/14 & has 299 comments

    We met with the other (Korean) participants of the samulnori workshop today, and I made this for the first time.
    So good! Everyone was happy.

    A photo is in the pipeline already.

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