noodle soup pages

  1. IMG_20151222_190748

    Noodle Soup

  2. Guksu (noodle soup)

    Korean noodle soup (Guksu)

  3. IMG_1850

    Dak Kalguksu

  4. jjamppong

    A little bit of Inge and a little bit of me!

  5. Korean chicken noodle soup (Kalguksu: 칼국수)

    Chicken noodle soup from scratch (Dak-kalguksu)

  6. spicy bowl of dongchimiguksu

    Cold noodle soup made with radish water kimchi (Dongchimi-guksu)

  7. fishheadnoodlesbowl

    Fish Head Mee Hoon

  8. IMG_2442

    mul naeng myun (cold noodle soup)

  9. spicy kimchi sujebi

    Sujebi (Hand torn noodle soup)

  10. jjamppong-bowl

    Jjamppong (Korean spicy seafood noodle soup)