Spicy stir fried squid

Ojingeo-bokkeum 오징어볶음

Today I’m going to introduce you to a simple, flavorful seafood dish called ojingeo-bokkeum. It’s spicy Korean stir-fried squid, one of my all-time favorite dishes. It’s easy to make that if you do it once you’ll probably be able to make for the rest of your life! : )

This recipe is very special to me because it’s the first one I ever shared on YouTube, on April 9, 2007. I filmed it with a very simple point-and-shoot camera (Sony Cybershot DSCW50) so the quality is not very good, and I used music that was protected by copyright, which YouTube later removed. This video really needed a remake in HD.


I was living in Toronto, Canada at the time, and I never would have known that I would still be cooking Korean food on YouTube so many years later. But I’ve met so many wonderful people around the world through my videos that it’s truly one of the best decisions I ever made in my life.

This dish is incredibly easy to make once you get the ingredients together. I’ve been making it so long I don’t even remember where I learned it! It’s like a part of me. And I don’t remember why I decided to make a video about it except that me and my Korean coworkers used to go to a Korean restaurant all the time in Toronto and eat ojingeo-bokkeum there. They all loved it, but I thought to myself: “Mine is better.”

You can use more or less hot pepper flakes, depending on how spicy you like it, and you could substitute squid for chicken, or even king oyster mushrooms if you’re a vegetarian.

Good luck with making delicious ojingeo-bokkeum!


Ingredients: Serves 2 to 4

  • 1 pound cleaned squid, cut into bite size pieces (about 2″ x ½”)
  • 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil
  • 1 tablespoon potato starch



For seasoning paste:


  • 12 green onions, cut into 2 inch long
  • 1 green chili pepper, sliced
  • 1 medium onion (about 7 ounces), sliced
  • 1 small carrot (about ½ cup worth), sliced into thin strips (about 2″ x ½”)



Make slurry

  1. Combine the potato starch and ¼ cup water in a small bowl and mix well.

Make seasoning paste

  1. Combine garlic, ginger, soy sauce, hot pepper flakes, and sugar in a bowl and mix well.

Stir fry!

  1. Heat up a pan over medium high heat. Add the vegetable oil and stir-fry the onion, carrot, green onion, and green chili pepper for about 7 to 8 minutes until the green onions are wilted and the onion is a little translucent.
  2. Add the squid and seasoning paste. Stir fry for a few minutes until the squid turns opaque.
  3. Mix in the slurry and cook for 30 seconds.



  1. Serve right away as a side dish for rice.



  1. nadine Lakewood, WA joined 8/11 & has 1 comment

    I tried this today and it turned out great! I used gochujang instead of the flakes and agave instead of sugar! It was a hit, I made it for a potluck at work and it was the first dish to go! Next time i willuse the flakes, i think the texture will be great!

    • Maangchi New York City joined 8/08 & has 11,716 comments

      oh you use agave instead of sugar. That’s a great idea! “It was a hit, I made it for a potluck at work and it was the first dish to go!” Congratulations!

  2. Dhol Barcelona joined 6/11 & has 2 comments


    i can’t find any hot pepper in town. but i have gochujang from a friend, can i use that instead of the hot pepper for the paste?

  3. rtxizz00 joined 1/11 & has 2 comments

    Is this the same as Nakche Bokkum???

  4. lexyoh new york joined 12/10 & has 4 comments

    i always cook this dish,my husband loves it so much,.and i do love it too..

  5. Moa Sweden joined 11/10 & has 1 comment

    This recipe is sooo delicious! I have lots of friends here in Sweden who love your site!

  6. Amie VA joined 4/10 & has 4 comments

    Made this dish tonight and it was sooooo good! I always orderd it in the restaurant and now that I can make it myself I am sooo happy! Thank you sooo much Maangchi!! :o)

  7. chilson London joined 1/10 & has 2 comments

    I improvised and made Nakchi bokum. It came out delicious. It was a little too spicy for me to finish, but my Korean wife finished it. We added a little tashida and it brought out the flavor even more. Yours looked so delicious, but we usually improvise recipes to our tastes. I have made several of your recipes now, but my son dropped the digital camera, so I can’t take pictures. Hopefully we will have it replaced before too long.

  8. Lynn4949 Singapore joined 4/10 & has 8 comments

    Hi Maangchi,
    The Hot Paste which you used it in this recipe, can I use the ready Hot Pepper Paste instead? Please advise. Thank you for sharing.

    • Maangchi New York City joined 8/08 & has 11,716 comments

      “ready Hot Pepper Paste”? I don’t know what it is. Freshly made hot paste gives the the best result.
      “Prepare a small bowl and make hot paste by mixing 5 cloves of minced garlic, 2½ tbs of soy sauce, 2 tbs hot pepper flakes, and 1 tbs sugar”

      • Lynn4949 Singapore joined 4/10 & has 8 comments

        Hi Maangchi,
        Thank you for fast reply.. The ready hot pepper paste that I mentioned is the Korean Hot Pepper Paste in the plastic container and sold in the supermarket.. It is because I may run out of hot pepper flakes..Thank you.

  9. Indonesia-Eats joined 5/10 & has 2 comments

    Thanks for the recipe! I used to have this at the Korean restaurant in Winnipeg.

  10. 3cia Indonesia joined 4/10 & has 1 comment

    Hi, maangchi
    i try this recipe like two days ago, but i use hot pepper paste instead of flakes (i have to go to other district if i am about to use flakes >.<). anyway, the sauce turns out to have similar taste with ddukbokki, is that right? and, instead of serving it with rice, i add ramen noodles in it.

    unfortunately, i can't show you my cooking because my boyfriend and I dug on it right after it was ready. (blush) we're just too excited to taste it.

    • Maangchi New York City joined 8/08 & has 11,716 comments

      yay, it sounds like you made delicious ojingeobokkeum. Adding ramen noodles to this dish sounds great! “my boyfriend and I dug on it right after it was ready..” lol!

  11. Anne joined 4/10 & has 1 comment

    Hi Maangchi,

    I love your cooking. I made this dish tonight and it was sooo good! My husband had to cut the squid because I was so squeamish! The eyes and guts really gross me out! I also had to add more sugar. My husband and I like it on the sweeter side. I don’t know exactly how much I added but i think it was more than double. Thanks for your expert videos. My husband wouldn’t have known how to cut that thing without your help! Thanks again Maangchi!

    • Maangchi New York City joined 8/08 & has 11,716 comments

      “My husband had to cut the squid because I was so squeamish! The eyes and guts really gross me out!” haha! Thank you for your update! I can imagine you and your husband’s battle with the dead squid in the kitchen!
      Happy cooking! ^^

  12. twobacas joined 3/10 & has 4 comments

    Hi I was watching your video and I have question on the measurements.
    I’m questioning the soy sauce-in the video you call out everything in spoons then in the instructions you say 2 1/2 Tbs. What’s correct
    2 1/2 Tbs or 5 spoons . I’m assuming that the spoon you are using is about the size of a Tablespoon. Tks

    • Maangchi New York City joined 8/08 & has 11,716 comments

      yes, use measuring tbs which is more exact. Forget about spoon! I usually use regular spoon instead of measuring spoon during my usual cooking, but I can’t provide exact measurement with regular spooning. For example, when I scoop (1 spoon) hot pepper paste, it can be from 2-6 tbs depending on how much I scoop at the time.

  13. ztawan joined 2/10 & has 4 comments

    Hi Maangchi,
    Would it be ok to use shrimps instead of squid?

    • Maangchi New York City joined 8/08 & has 11,716 comments

      yes, I think so, why not! My friend used chicken breast instead of squid. She said it turned out very delicious! Smart cooks are everywhere. ; )

  14. Sandy& has 2,253 comments

    Hi Maangchi! I was wondering if for the stir fry you could use hot pepper powder instead of the flakes?

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