Braised baby potatoes

Algamja-jorim 알감자조림

Today I’m showing you how to make a Korean side dish made of braised baby potatoes, called algamja-jorim in Korean. Gamja is Korean for potatoes, jorim means braised and al means egg, which refers to how small these potatoes are, like quail eggs.

When these baby potatoes are braised in soy sauce and rice syrup, they become an irresistible, easy-to-eat, sweet, salty, banchan (side dish) that goes well with rice. The secret to making perfect algamja-jorim is to get the potato skins crunchy and chewy at the same time and to keep the inside moist yet fluffy.

Well made algamja-jorim can go for hours without getting soggy, or losing their shine, which makes them a perfect dish for a Korean doshirak (lunchbox). You can make it in the morning, and by lunchtime it’ll still be perfect!

It’s also a good mitbanchan – something you can make ahead and keep in the fridge for days. Make this, and I guarantee you will be making it again, it’s so delicious, sweet, and savory. Have fun and let me know how yours turns out!

알감자조림 (braise baby potatoes)


algamja (baby potatoes: 알감자)


  1. Trim any rotten spots or broken edges from the potatoes. Wash and rinse in cold water to remove any dirt. Strain.
  2. Add the cooking oil to a 10 to 12 inch thick skillet, over medium heat. Add the potatoes.
    알감자 (baby potatoes)
  3. Cover and cook for 20 minutes until fully cooked. Shake and move the skillet every 5 minute so that the potatoes cook evenly and don’t burn.
    알감자조림 (braise baby potatoes)
  4. Turn down the heat to low and add the soy sauce, rice syrup, and garlic. Stir it all together with a wooden spoon.
  5. Turn up the heat to medium. Keep stirring and cooking for another 4 to 5 minutes until the sauce is reduced and the potatoes look shiny and wrinkly.
    알감자조림 (braise baby potatoes)
  6. Remove from the heat and mix with the sesame oil. Sprinkle the sesame seeds over top.
  7. Transfer to a serving bowl and serve with rice. Refrigerate any leftovers for up to 4 days.

알감자조림 (braise baby potatoes)

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    Homemade banchan brunch today :P

    Algamja-jorim and chayote kimchi

    From my kitchen in Panama City, Republic of Panama — we love you maangchi! Thank you for sharing your joyful cooking/eating experience!

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